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Willem Bilderdijk

Sales price € 150,00

Bust of Bilderdijk
Height : 15 inches (38 cm)
Width: 5,6 inches (14 cm)
Length: 4,8 inches (12 cm)
Material image: neolith (resin)
Weight: 12.7 lbs

Willem Bilderdijk is one of the most influential figures of Dutch 19th century literature. When he is just 20 years old, he wins the Leiden Art Society’s gold medal for one of his poems. This is the start of Bilderdijk’s impressive career and even more impressive oeuvre.

The bust is a copy of the one designed by Louis Royer in 1832. It shows Bilderdijk with a turban. The story goes that Bilderdijk wore a turban at times to hide the hot dish which was supposed to help the against the headaches which often tormented him.

The bust is also available in black/green (cf. last picture).