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The worship of literary heroes has no strong tradition in The Netherlands. The readers’ appreciation is directed mainly at the literary work itself and far less at the writer as a person. Modesty, an important characteristic of the Dutch collective mentality, prevents the worship of literary heroes in the form of mementoes, ““What greater folly than standing in the market place in bronze?” is a telling quote from none other than the great writer and humanist from the 15th century Erasmus. Deep-rooted in Dutch tradition is the idea that it is not the writer that matters but his work, not the artist but his song. is trying to change this. Of course, writers should be read, but appreciation for the great literary writers can also be cast in the form of three dimensional mementoes such as busts and portrait busts. These mementoes should be seen as sincere appreciation of the originality and talent of our literary greats. By casting writers in bronze or carving them in stone we put them on the pedestal they deserve. Moreover, (portrait) busts are highly decorative and will embellish both libraries and bookshelves. has a large and unique collection of statues of famous writers; the collection includes both Dutch and international writers. produces both replicas of existing statues and original new statues. By co-operating with artists, tries to create new statues and other mementoes which help to demonstrate our appreciation for the writer and his work.

Via the tab “Collection” you can find our current range of mementoes. Just click on a photo to enlarge the photo and see more details. Some statues are available in various forms and sizes. All statues are made of high quality materials such as bronze, ceramic plaster and neolith.

The collection offered by is unique. We are driven by a strong passion for literature. In the near future, our collection will be expanded to include “mementoes linked to reading”. We are always looking to expand our product range. Customer satisfaction is crucial to us. is always interested in acquiring new items for our collection. In case you think you have an item which may be of interest to us, please send us an email with a picture of the item involved. respects the copyrights and intellectual property rights of others. In case we offer a product to which you think own the rights, please contact us via the email address provided on this website.


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