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Bust of Pushkin
Height (incl. pedestal): 8.7 inches (22 cm)
Width: 6.3 inches (16 cm)
Length: 5.3 inches (13.5 cm)
Material bust: neolith (resin)
Weight: 6.6 lbs

Alexander Pushkin lived from 1799 to 1837, a short but eventful life. He is not only regarded as the greatest Russian poet that ever lived but also as one of the greatest poets in the world. Together with fellow Russian writers such as Gogol, Turgenev, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy and Chekhov, Pushkin belongs to the so-called golden age of Russian literature.

Pushkin earned considerable sums with his poetry. He was addicted to gambling and constantly lived above his means. His poems together with his letter and prose are a good reflection of his life.

After numerous amorous escapades, Pushkin married Natalya Goncharova in 1831. She was considered to be the most beautiful girl in Moscow. He called Natalya his 113th love but also his Madonna. Natalya and Pushkin had 4 children. Their marriage appears to have been a happy one, despite Pushkin’s jealousy. It was his jealousy which cost him his life. Pushkin was sure that Natalya was having an affair with the stepson of the Dutch envoy. He challenged him to a duel and lost his life due to the injuries sustained in that duel. Pushkin died on January 29, 1837.

Pushkin is still widely read and worshipped as one of the greats of Russian literature.